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Morpheus8 Anti-aging Microneedling

Morpheus8 anti-aging microneedling is a fractional radiofrequency device with programmable penetration depth and energy delivery. This anti-ageing microneedling treatment is suitable for fine lines & wrinkles, acne scars, and overall skin rejuvenation. The 24 coated pins penetrate into the subdermal tissue, coagulating the fat in areas of concern, such as the chin. The penetration of these needles combined with the radiofrequency stimulates collagen production of the underlying layers of the dermis. The Morpheus8 delivers uniform results for all skin types without creating any thermal damage to your dermis. The innovative technology also reduces the risk of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

Morpheous8 is revolutionizing facial treatments with its latest microneedling technology. This advanced procedure provides naturally beautiful results that last long after treatment. Experience firmer and smoother skin as this contemporary device promotes collagen renewal and reveals a healthier, more youthful complexion.

The secret to Morpheous8’s success lies in its sophisticated work principles. Its insulated tip allows for gentle penetration of the skin without causing extensive trauma, allowing microfading and scar reduction with a much lower risk of any unpleasant side effects compared to other procedures on the market. Not only does this mean more comfortable courses of treatment, but also more impressive results.

Morpheous8 is ideal for women who are looking to improve their skincare routine without resorting to invasive surgery. This efficient and effective way of addressing facial concern can be used in all areas of the face, including tricky areas like down around the nose or above the lips. Its flexibility makes it suitable for treating both large and small problems – whether you’re tackling some fine lines or wrinkles, or struggling with stubborn pigmentation spots – making it an invaluable asset in many skincare routines.

Alora Rejuvenation also specialise in anti-ageing-injectables

Treatments are from 45 minutes long. The chosen area to be treated will have a numbing cream applied to minimise any slight discomfort. Some downtime is needed for this treatment, and it is recommended that you have no events etc within 24hours of receiving treatment. All downtime and aftercare will be thoroughly discussed during consultation.

Price: 3 treatments £995

Cancellations & Refunds

Cancellation Policy

If for any reason you need to cancel or rearrange your appointment you must let us know at least 48 hours before your appointment. Unfortunately, if you do not notify us within the cancellation period you will forfeit the deposit paid or a treatment cost if you are on a pre-paid course .

Refund Policy

Please note we do not offer refunds on products or treatments. If you change your mind about your purchase within 14 days, we will exchange it for another treatment or product or we will offer you a credit note. Exchange or credit for products will only be made if the products are unused or unopened.