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Hydrafacail for Summer Skin - Alora Rejuvenation

As the sun starts to shine and we are spending more time outdoors, we are ditching the thick
moisturisers and thinking about ways that we can get our skin looking great for the summer.
The perfect skin looks healthy, blemish free and glowy, and means you don’t have to rely on
heavy make-up. Imagine waking up and only having to apply SPF? The Hydrafacial MD
treatment might be just what you need to make your summer skin dreams come true.

What is the Hydrafacial MD treatment?

The Hydrafacial MD is a firm favourite among our patients at Alora Rejuvenation in Armagh.
It’s a patented technology that combines deep exfoliation and extraction to relieve the skin of
dead skin cells and impurities. It’s a non-invasive treatment with no down time so you can
book a Hydrafacial MD in your lunch hour and be back to work in no time!

How can Hydrafacial MD improve my skin for the summer? 

Over the Autumn and Winter months our skin can become dry and chapped. We may have
over compensated by using heavier creams or by wearing more make-up to cover up dull
looking winter skin.
As the spring and summer arrives we may feel that our skin could do with a little more TLC.
That is where Hydrafacial MD comes in by removing impurities and priming the skin, ready
for the summer.

How does the Hydrafacial MD treatment work?

When you visit our clinic in Armagh for a Hydrafacial MD we want you to have a relaxing
time whilst we work on improving your skin health. We will invite you to lie on the bed before
we take you through the Hydrafacial MD process. There are six stages that include a detox,
cleanse, exfoliation, extraction, hydration and rejuvenation.

What are the Hydrafacial MD stages?

The first stage of the Hydrafacial MD treatment is the detox. We apply gentle massage and
pressure to the lymphatic nodes which helps to eliminate toxins and increase circulation. The
next step is to cleanse, exfoliate and extract, using a specially designed tool made just for
this purpose. The extraction phase removes all the debris that has built up in your skin.
The Hydration phase is where we add medical grade botanical ingredients like hyaluronic
acids, zinc and magnesium peptides into the skin. The Hydrafacial MD will leave your skin
feeling renewed and rejuvenated and ready for the summer months ahead.

Will one Hydrafacial MD treatment be enough?

If you only have one Hydrafacial MD treatment it will be a treat and you will notice that your
skin feels less clogged and looks fresher after the treatment. It’s a great idea to have a
Hydrafacial before a big occasion, such as if you will be attending a wedding this summer.
If you want to see the best results from Hydrafacial MD treatment at Alora Rejuvenation we
would always recommend patients have a course of treatments. Monthly treatments over six
months or a year will provide you with deeply cleansed, glowy skin all year round.
With regular Hydrafacial MD treatments you can reveal brighter, clearer, more evenly toned
skin, perfect for a no make-up summer selfie!

Book your consultation and treatment today!

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